James (Jamshid) Hussaini

James Hussaini began his journey in Real Estate, working as a sales representative in 2003. In just the first year in the industry, James accomplished a great deal of success. Subsequently within a couple of years, he contemplated opening his own brokerage. Part of his motivation was to facilitate and assist other Sales Representatives.

James is very active and currently he is:

  • Author of Yours Independently
  • Founder of Realty Point
  • Broker of Record with World Class Realty Point, Brokerage*
    *Independently Owned & Operated

Business Experience

Owner of 2000 Computers Inc.
Within the first year of his arrival, Jamshid opened his own retail computer store with his partner, Jackal Poon. He had a very successful first year in the business. The Y2K bug matter was also a big help to his business, he was at the right time and the right place.

Publisher of Canada’s Chinese Computer Magazine
Having a successful computer store created a very confident Jamshid in a very short period of time in Canada. Surprisingly, majority of his clients were from the Chinese Community. He soon realized that there is a need for a Chinese Computer Magazine. He established a Chinese Computer Magazine and distributed it across Ontario. Outside the Chinese dominated countries, this was a one of a kind magazine. In a very short time this magazine became very famous. He established cooperation meetings with big players in the industry; such as MingPao Daily and SingTao Daily (Toronto Star ownership). With the crash of the High Tech bubble in 2001, Jamshid was forced to leave the Chinese Computer Magazine.

Owner of Adpro Promotions
Having a very good understanding and admiration for the Chinese style of conducting business, Jamshid traveled to Hong Kong and China. He participated at China’s biggest trading show in Guangzhou. The trip helped him follow another venue in business. He ventured importing gift items and distributing them across the Greater Toronto Area and to retail stores. Later, he added a unique service of promotion to the line of his business and the business was booming. He then realized that using the same amount of efforts why sell items in lower figures, when I can sell a bigger item for the same amount of effort. This was what led him to pursue and move on to the Real Estate business.



Specialized Honours BA (Urban Studies) – York University
Along with having practical experience in the area of Real Estate, formal education assists Jamshid understand the social, economic, and political aspects of Real Estate. The impact of Real Estate is analyzed and studied in the people’s lives. Having a business understanding of Real Estate is just one side of the story. The story is completed once we understand how these transactions could effect on building our communities and eventually building our nation.
Whether people are buying, selling or trying to create wealth through Real Estate (for investment purposes) understanding their hearts and minds is very valuable to Jamshid when helping people in Real Estate. His ultimate goal one day is to go back to Afghanistan; use his experience and knowledge to assist his people in building cities and communities.

Computer Hardware & Software Diploma
Being out of his country and living in India, Jamshid always wanted to be someone not only for himself, but for his people and to help them. Knowing and understanding Afghanistan was his desire and this was one of the main reasons of him wanting to help his community; otherwise helping anyone has same priority regardless of their background.
He always wanted to go back to Afghanistan and assist. At that time Computers were the latest gadget, he thought by studying computers he could help his country. Unfortunately, the situation in Afghanistan got inferior and he had to move on in his life.



Afghan Community, Co-Founder and Board Member, Canada Afghanistan Business Council
Born in Afghanistan, on March of 1989, Jamshid left Afghanistan at a very early age with countless memories. His more vivid memories are those of his elementary school. He remembers how he and his classmates did not have the basic facilities that exist in North American schools. His desires are to help in the rebuilding process of Afghanistan. In order to accomplish and assist in that process he believes there are two main factors that play a huge part:
Education: Education is the key to prosperity. Education brings power. It helps in understanding each other, consequently bringing unity. It helps in prohibiting people from taking advantage of others. It helps in treating your fellow human beings with dignity and respect. It helps in establishing a more just system of governance. It helps in generating wealth and knowledge and the list goes on...
Economy: Although education generates wealth, currently in Afghanistan financial assistance is required, which in turn with the help of financial assistance, education will be provided to the people of Afghanistan. Therefore, at this point, economy is the main factor that can change Afghanistan. To achieve education we have to start with establishing and bringing money to Afghanistan.
The two factors above inspired Jamshid and his colleagues to establish Canada Afghanistan Business Council. Thus far it has various achievements; the main accomplishment was the Business Match Making Conference (BMMC) in Toronto. It brought Canadian and Afghan Business people together to exchange ideas and create partnerships. For more details visit www.cabconline.ca

Organizing Member of AfghanYouthConnection.ca
Having a very strong belief that the future of the Afghan community is in the hand of the Youth, Jamshid’s desires to help the youth of today be more involved in the community and assist them in utilizing their skills for the betterment of society. Jamshid’s ultimate goal is to transfer the leadership of the community to the Youth and to practically bring them on board. The youth of today are the bridge between our current generation and the generations of the future. Therefore, the current youth are a crucial generation to influence and gear towards understanding the needs of the community. They have to get well acquainted with their community and its beliefs and structures in order to be in a position to transfer these ideas to the next generations.
Jamshid strongly believes that this generation are the fundamentals and pillars of his community in Canada. If these pillars are not installed properly, the next generations to come will suffer substantially. Hence, whether at ICOA or CABC or any other organization, he devotes his resources towards this goal. More recently with the help a couple of fellow Afghan colleagues, Afghan Youth connection was organized. It is a platform where youth could engage and understand each other. It is also designed to bring all youth across the board under one roof regardless of their political or religious inclinations.

Member of Organizing Committee for Afghanistan Independence Day
Jamshid believes that a lot can be achieved through unity. He is always excited when he participates in a gathering that brings all different categories of people together. He has participated in many of these types of activities. One of the most recent events was organized by the Consulate General of Afghanistan for the celebration of Afghanistan’s Independence Day. Like most events Jamshid not only gives his time and expertise, but also monetary assistance.

Member of Afghan Emergency Relief Fund
Jamshid was also involved in a cross community effort to assist in collecting funds to send to flooded sites in Afghanistan. Thousands of dollars were collected and immediately sent to Afghanistan for the people in need. Seeing his people suffer brings great pain and agony to Jamshid; therefore he is willing to help in any means possible, personally or financially.

Board Member, ICAC
In the year 2000, Jamshid became Board Member with the Community of Afghans in Canada. His first appointed position was as a secretary, but very shortly after that he felt there was a lot that needed to be done for the youth. Along with other youths members he founded Youth Section. The main vision of Youth Section was to get youths connected with their community. The main purpose of this establishment was to give the youth a sense of belonging.
Youth section had many accomplishments, amongst them the latest activity was organizing a multi-layer community event called: “Youth Engagement in Community Prosperity”. At this event all Youth organizations were invited. It created a platform for youths to exchange ideas. Jamshid soon after became a member of “Cultural Committee” at ICAC. The Cultural Committee is the blood line for Community of Afghans in Canada. It organizes all events and prepares the intellectual direction of the organization.


Real Estate

Real Estate in Focus
On January 2010 Jamshid launched a weekly info session which includes viewing a series of professional videos about effective Real Estate methods. These sessions will include:
– Help Buyers make fully informed decisions on buying their new homes
– Direct Sellers to sell their properties at the highest price
– Discuss how to create wealth through Real Estate Investments
– Effective ways to build real estate career & retire early by establishing a strong foundation
– Help Realtors solve the problem of constantly working hard to meet their financial needs
These sessions give agents information and allow them to discuss the topics in more details. Once these methods are put into practise, the business will follow. For more information visit: www.realestateinfocus.ca

Homelife Dreams Realty Inc. Brokerage* (former Broker of Record)
Jamshid Hussaini is one of the Broker of Record in the Afghan Community in Canada. He initially began his journey in Real Estate, working as a sales representative at Remax Crossroads Realty Inc., Brokerage*. In just the first year in the industry, Jamshid accomplished a great deal of success. One of which was being given the Presidents Award from Re/Max Corp. Subsequently within a couple of years, he contemplated opening his own brokerage. Part of his motivation was that he desired to facilitate and assist other Realtors at a personal level through a one on one basis.
Jamshid had a very unique idea, having a Real Estate Brokerage within the retail area of the mall. It was a one of a kind idea. So he implemented his idea; his brokerage HomeLife Dreams Realty Inc. was opened on December 20th, 2006 at Markville Shopping Center, beside Wal-Mart. Aside from serving his own clients, he was now able to service walk-in shoppers in their Real Estate transactions and process.
HomeLife Corporation is one of the main franchise players in the world, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area, with offices all across the globe. Alongside his partner Neelofar Ahmadi, Jamshid is the only Afghan in Canada who has his own Real Estate franchise.
They established a very well-designed office in Markham and are currently managing over 100 Sales Representatives. With the vision he had in mind, he is helping his fellow Realtors one step at a time to achieve their goals.

Chairman & CEO of Crystal Group
Jamshid and his partner Aziz Amiri inaugurated Crystal Group, a Real Estate Investment Management company in mid 2007. Crystal Group is the only company of its type in the Afghan Community. In a very short time, it established its branch offices in both Dubai and Afghanistan. Its focus is mainly on creating wealth through Real Estate.
The vision of Jamshid and his partners are to grow financially and eventually help others in the community by way of example. They have already contributed to different causes in the community. For further details visit: www.CrystalGroup.ca

Real Estate Membership
Jamshid has memberships with some core organizations that play a major role in the Real Estate market.

Member of Real Estate Council of Ontario
A very strong code of ethics needed to be adhered to at all times and this organization oversees the practice of Realtors. Jamshid is a practical example for his Sales Representatives to follow the rules and regulations. Professionalism is constantly promoted at Jamshid’s office.

Member of Ontario Real Estate Association
Through TREB Jamshid has access to a database that has thousands of listings of properties. It is also a great tool to compare and evaluate properties before advising clients in a Real Estate transaction.

Member of Canadian Real Estate Association
CREA provides Jamshid with a broader picture. It helps him understand Real Estate in view of a larger scale, of trends that are occurring in the market. These trends could be economic, social or political. Having a bigger picture in mind with dealing locally gives one the confidence which results in better service for clients.

Member of Canadian Commercial Council of Realtors
Commercial Real Estate is a much more focused type of Real Estate. It requires hands on experience to understand. Being a member of Commercial Division, Jamshid has access to updated and recent activities in the Commercial world of Real Estate.

Past Member of Real Estate Investment Network
Immediately after inaugurating HomeLife Dreams Realty Inc. Brokerage* and alongside helping his Sales Representatives, Jamshid was persistently thinking of getting involved in Real Estate investment. Luckily he came across a very well established organization named Real Estate Investment Network. The main goal of this organization is to help people create long term wealth through Real Estate investment. REIN is a one of a kind organization in Canada. It focuses on studying and analyzing Real Estate economic fundamentals and how they could impact Real Estate investment. Monthly coaching and training is provided for its members.


Social Involvement

Board Member of East Metro Youth Services
Having a passion to help youth especially the ones in need, Jamshid was very encouraged to become a board member of East Metro Youth Services. Their main mandate is to help youth in their lives. Jamshid keenly joined EMYS, but later due to his expanding business he was not able to participate actively. He was left with no choice, but to resign from the Board of Directors of EMYS. To date he wishes that he could have the time to continue being part of an organization that helps the youth.

Initiator and Organizer of the Tsunami Relief Fund with the Red Cross
Jamshid became a recipient of an appreciation award for his community when he came up with an idea for his community to collect funds for those who suffered in the Tsunami. With the help of his community he raised a lot of funds and as promised by the Government of Canada the funds he raised were matched.
Jamshid’s passion is to help. He believes when people are ready to give to the needy, the opportunity should not be missed. The funds and assistance should be collected and proceed to be sent for the assistance over to the people in need. He also thinks that compared to other people in most other parts of the world, we here in Canada are well off and blessed with opportunities. Therefore when things happen and the media creates an environment of sympathy, we should take advantage of it immediately. Whether in Africa, Asia or Afghanistan, we cannot ignore our fellow human beings.

Member of Organizing Committee at ABAC
Jamshid is also a firm believer of unity and supports the idea that unity brings power. Unity conveys understanding which eventually will help us all live peacefully. He envisions that all organizations, regardless of their beliefs can come together under one umbrella. He trusts that human nature is based on kindness and strongly believes that even if an individual promote hatred, if the same person witnesses another human beings suffering, their heart will be broken. To support this cause of coming together and working together, Jamshid got involved with ABAC.

Co-Founder and Board Member of AMYN
Having a strong commitment in unity and believing that unity brings power. Jamshid was involved in trying to establish a network of youth in the Greater Toronto Area and eventually connecting across Canada.
Believing unity is the main key to solving our issues, it gives him great joy and pleasure when he sees people coming together for different reasons. In a country like Canada being multicultural we have no option, but to find reasons and a common ground to come together.



You can contact James at (416) 510-3000 or by sending at email to: james [at] realestateinfocus.ca
240 Duncan Mill Road, 6th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3B 3S6